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What can I use my kkdu plum for? 2017-04-26T00:09:36+00:00

Not for carrying people. Ever.

But apart from people, that’s an interesting question? We think the answer is this – use it to change your life. Use it to live differently. Use it every day.

Cycle with your barbeque contents, your picnic contents, use it as an ice bucket for drinks. Cycle with your sports gear, your beachside fitness gear, your gym gear. Cycle to yoga. Cycle with your work stuff, your kids school bags, your pot plants. Cycle to your local market, your supermarket or your local café. Load an esky packed with ice. Cycle to your butcher, your fishmonger, your off-licence. And sign up or follow us to keep up to date with our journey, because we have some excitingly cool accessories coming in the next few months!

Note: We haven’t tested or tried carrying pets on a kkdu plum, so if this is your intention, please make sure this is done in a secure and safe pet cage that is securely fastened to the timber base strap holes, and to the frame. Carrying animals is done at your own risk.

Does my kkdu plum include the bike rack, hitch and both tubs? 2017-09-07T13:50:25+00:00


The purchase process on our CART page takes the form of 4 steps:

i. Step 1: Choose the kkdu plum colour of your choice. This choice will include a stainless steel, adjustable bike rack with integrated hitch, and both small and large tubs.

ii. Step 2: If you want to use your kkdu plum on another bike in your household, add a second rack (with integrated hitch) in step 2.

iii. Step 3: Accessorise your kkdu plum with a set of water resistant neoprene covers. A set consists of both large and small covers, which are a stylish accessory to complete your purchase. The larger cover expands cleverly to enable taller items to be carried too, while both covers have convenient zips allowing easy access to all areas.

iv. Step 4: Once you’ve chosen your configuration, scroll down the page and click ‘build your order’

Does the bike rack attach to any bike? 2017-10-18T15:19:24+00:00

Almost. We’ve designed the rack to be adjustable at both ends, so it should be able to fit onto most adult bikes. The image below shows you how the bike rack will attach:

The only exceptions are:

1. That your bike seat stem needs to be between 25mm and 30mm diameter, and that at least 2 inches of bike seat stem needs to be available for the attachment of the bike rack. Note: Most seat posts are 1 inch (25.4mm) in diameter, but occasionally we see some that are unusually wide. If you are unsure whether your seat post fits, please ask your bike shop for the dimensions, and feel free to drop us a line and ask.

2. The smallest diameter wheel allowable is 26” (the smallest adult wheel diameter)

3. The bike rack will need a minimum clearance distance of 40 cm from the centre of the rear wheel hub. Still unsure? Please email us with a phot of your bike (similar to the one above) and we’ll help you out?

4. Most e-bikes whose battery is not housed in a rear wheel rack, and whose bike seat stem and rear wheel hub attachment are within the above dimensions, will accept the kkdu plum bike rack. If your e-bike has a rear battery rack, attachment to the kkdu plum is not currently in development.

5. Your bike must have an attachment point for a bike rack on the rear wheel hub. If not, our bike rack won’t be able to fit.

Does the front wheel fold up? 2017-04-26T00:08:37+00:00

Yes. In about 2 seconds.

Roll your kkdu plum up to your bike on 3 wheels, attach it to the hitch, lift the black plunger and rotate it until it clicks. You have a choice of position, with a click every 90 degrees, but we’d recommend rotating it 180 degrees. Note: once rotated, make sure the wheel direction is facing backwards, or it may rub on the back wheel of your bike when cycling.

When you get to destination, simply push it down to the ground (there’s no need to use the black plunger for this), unclip it and walk off.

Does it have a brake? 2017-04-26T00:08:17+00:00

No. We wanted to keep the design clean and minimalist.

So, if you’re not on level ground, make sure you hold it or secure it to prevent it rolling away.

Can my kkdu plum fold up for storage? 2017-04-26T00:08:00+00:00

Absolutely. All you need is a space of 100cm x 55cm x 45cm. When folding, please be aware that folding parts can trap fingers, so please do so slowly to prevent injury.

Can the rear wheels be removed? 2017-04-26T00:07:40+00:00

Absolutely. In under 10 seconds.

Can I hang my kkdu plum on the wall? 2017-04-26T00:07:21+00:00

Of course. And on the back of a door. Just make sure that the hook you use is padded to prevent scratching. But be gentle when you hang it. If you show your kkdu plum some love, it will love you back for a long time. And take all precautions to prevent the folding parts injuring you.

Can I lock my kkdu plum to my bike? 2017-04-26T00:07:03+00:00

Definitely. Once the handle is secured to the hitch, just slip your lock through the holes and lock it in place. We recommend you do this every time you ride to prevent the hitch lever from opening. Both the plastic tubs can also be locked to the frame using appropriately sized locks.

Would we recommend you leave your kkdu plum locked to your bike? 2017-04-26T00:06:23+00:00

Would you leave your valuables on show in your car? No. kkdu plum’s are unique, beautiful and coveted, so our advice is to take your kkdu plum with you at the end of your cycle journey – shop with it or fold it up and stick it under your desk.

Can I lock the tubs to my kkdu plum? 2017-04-26T00:06:03+00:00

Yes, using a suitably sized lock of your choice

Is the handle adjustable? 2017-04-26T00:05:34+00:00

Easily. Just loosen the side lever so that the ‘gears’ in the handle don’t touch, reposition at a height that is appropriate for use, and tighten – firmly!

Can I use my kkdu plum as a cart? 2017-04-26T00:05:08+00:00

Yes, that’s exactly why we designed it! We wanted the kkdu plum to be part of our everyday – we wanted to be able to easily unfold it, hitch it to our bikes’, cycle to our local market, unhitch it, push it around the market, hitch it up and cycle home. It’ll change your life too.

Can I cycle with my kkdu plum? 2017-04-26T00:04:41+00:00

Yes, with a smoothness you’ll be amazed by!

Attach as follows:

1. Loosen the handle

2. Roll the kkdu plum up to the hitch on your rack, and drop the handle into the hitch.

3. Close the hitch lever and LOCK it closed – always.

4. Tighten the side lever so the handle doesn’t move

5. Rotate the 3rd/front wheel off the ground and make sure the wheel is facing backwards.

NEVER cycle with the 3rd wheel touching the ground.

Note: When attached, the timber based should be parallel to the ground. If the front edge of the base is raised, it’ll mean the front wheel of the kkdu plum and the rear wheel of the bike may rub. If in doubt, it’s better to lower the front of the timber based 1-2 ‘gear teeth’.

Do I need to use my car again? 2017-04-26T00:04:10+00:00

Maybe for long journey’s and bad weather, but is there anything better than the wind in your hair?

But if you do need to use your car, just fold it up and put it into your trunk/boot and use it as a cart when you get to your destination.

How fast can I ride? 2017-09-07T13:51:54+00:00

kkdu plum’s are intended for recreation and leisure cycling. They aren’t performance vehicles, and are intended to be used as such. We recommend cycling no faster than 20km/hr.

How much can my kkdu plum carry? 2017-10-18T15:21:26+00:00

We’ve tested it with some heavy gear and know it is strong. However, a maximum of 35 kg can be carried safely, inclusive of a maximum of 2kg in the upper tub. More than this could result in instability, breakage, injury or death.

When loading your kkdu plum, please make sure the load is distributed evenly. Do not overload the front section of the lower tub compared to the rear section.

When loading tall objects tied to the frame, particular care needs to be taken not to overload one side and to secure these items well. The heaviest portion of an object being carried should always be close to the timber base.

If not securely tied down, items can fall off or imbalance your kkdu plum, resulting in serious injury or death.