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the perfect drink for every occasion

on a first date

A lot of things can be super awkward on a first date – and we’re sure you don’t need us to tell you that. But we will anyway! We think keep it simple, with a spirit to sooth the nerves.

Gin and Tonic is the answer. Most places stock gin so ordering should be easy.

We like The Botanist  – with tonic and a rosemary twig

Need venue inspiration… Have you been here?

Three Sheets, 510b Kingsland Road Dalston London

before you head out to dinner

Looking for something dry and not too long to sip on before heading out for a nice dinner. Negroni is the one.

Simple to prepare and with just three ingredients you don’t need a whole bar’s worth of supplies to make it:

30mL Gin
30mL Campari
30mL Sweet Red Vermouth
Orange segment


Layer ingredients over ice in a short glass, squeeze in orange and stir with a tall spoon.
And you are ready to go! Well, your drink is.

Where to eat…? We think this restaurant is pretty tasty.

Lyle’s London, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ

post theatre night cap

After watching a performance you can feel full of energy and slightly sleepy simultaneously. The perfect night cap, we believe, comes in the form of a Martini. Clean, raw and to the point.

If drinking martinis is not your regular gig, ordering one can feel like taking an exam. He’s what you need to know (in short).

A martini is technically only made from gin not vodka, but you may still get asked “gin or vodka”. And then which type of gin or vodka.

The next question would (should) be, “how would you like it”. This is where you can say “wet” (meaning sweet), “dry” or “perfect” (evenly balanced). These are all referring to the amount/type of vermouth added.

Or you can have a further variation; “dirty” (with olive brine and olive garnish).
And finally the garnish, a “dirty” martini is served with the said garnish. For other martinis you can have lemon or lime in the form of a twist or a pickled onion (if pickled onion is your choice, you then ask for a “Gipson”)


What to watch?
Albion, Almeida Street, Islington, London, N1 1TA

delight guests

lazy sunny days

A delicious simple go to here is a Belini. Traditionally they are served with peach puree (1 part) and prosecco (2 parts). Try and use a dryer Prosecco and let the puree do all the sweetening.

And get creative. Maybe have a couple of different fruit purees in the freezer? Can you make the puree fresh yourself?
Everybody loves a bellini and it is more than perfect for lazy sunny Sundays.

Need a snack? Everyone will love this one..
Grilled halloumi with avocado, black olive tapenade, rocket and lemon-oregano dressing by Delicious.