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ride 2 work day – get involved!

Are you ready for Ride2Work day?


Have a bike and always planned on riding to work but just haven't started? This is your chance… 



It goes without saying there are many benefits of making cycling part of your everyday life. Whether it’s for riding to work or completing your daily chores, the environmental, fitness and mental health benefits are enormous. If you need convincing of the health benefits, read here 


You won’t see us dressed head-to-toe in lycra or completing serious bike circuits, but we love the opportunity to cycle whenever we can, especially as a family. We love that we can go about our weekend errands while leaving our car behind - all the while exercising the body and refreshing the mind! 


We are all time poor so the more we can combine the better. Going to the fruit and veg market can be a chance to stretch your legs, breathe some fresh air and travel on less beaten track’s. 


Bicycle Network’s ‘Ride 2 Work’ day is a fantastic initiative, and we encourage you to get involved. Here is the rundown…


When… Wednesday 11th October


Do.. Register, it is free and you will be part of the 68,000 Australians in the commuter revolution community.


Join… in on the community breakfast! Be a part of the fun and fuel yourself up for the day ahead.


Think ahead… If riding to work isn't your normal routine you may want to think about whether you can shower at the office. Or do you need to limit how much paperwork you require to transport. Looking for solutions? We may just have the answer.