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Height: 90cm

Width with wheels attached: 60cm

Length: 105cm

Folded height: 25cm

Width with wheels removed: 49 cm

Weight (including tubs, neoprene covers and bike rack): 19kg

Maximum total carrying capacity: 33kg in the large tub; 2kg in the small tub

Maximum allowable cycling speed: 20 km/hr

Build specifications:

Frame: Carbon steel, zinc plated and powder coated

Gear mechanism and bike rack: Stainless steel

Fasteners: Stainless steel

Integrated swivel hitch: Aluminium

Wheels: Rear – 16″, chrome plated steel. Front – 8.5″ chrome plated steel

Tyres: pneumatic

Tub specifications:


Large tub: Maximum length = 66cm; width = 43cm; height = 22cm

Smaller tub: Length = 42cm; width = 22cm; height = 13cm

Covers specifications:

Water resistant neoprene; 4mm

Small tub cover: 1 top access zip 40cm long

Large expandable cover: 2 zips – one top access zip 64cm long & one circumferential expansion zip