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The ultimate adventurous foodie guide to Denmark in October

Denmark we have two words for you – WOW and YUM.

Food lovers, you must read this.

Odsherrend Grand Cru

Put in the calendar: 14th-22nd October
By Bike: 4hrs and 48mins
By Car: 1hr and 2mins
From Copenhagen
Venture to an amazing harvest festival featuring this year’s Grand Cru carrot and potato from Lammefjorden. Yes, you read this correctly…
The market square is engulfed by a large tent boasting tastings, workshops, chefs, vegetable safaris and refined culinary touches.
Learn simple tips and tricks to create rustic but delicious dishes, along with advanced hand crafted cooking and gastronomic techniques. Something for both beginners and people with kitchen confidence.
Local restaurants and eateries will also be featuring the well known Grand Cru carrots and potatoes during the festival week.
A Must: See what the Grand Cru carrot and potato is all about…

RO:KOST Food festival

Put in the calendar: 9th-15th October
By Bike: 1hr and 45mins
By Car: 38mins
From Copenhagen
During this very special week you can visit a hand picked selection of Roskilde’s best restaurants, enjoying a unique fixed price menu of locally grown ingredients. These sought after restaurants will be flinging open their doors and offering a two course set menu for 250 kr per person. This is an incredible way to discover new restaurants whilst supporting the local producers.
A Must: Make use of this set menu price to discover something new… 

Kunst and Autumn market

Put in the calendar: 30th Sept – 1st October
By Car: 3hrs 9mins
From Copenhagen
In the centre of town this market is full of life. Purchase locally grown fruit and vegetables direct from the farmers. Admire art and other hand crafted goods by local and national artists. Wonder, shop, snack and enjoy.
Perfect For: Couples and families to savour the fantastic atmosphere

Aarhus Gastro week

Put in the calendar: 12th-22nd October
By Car: 3hrs 9mins
From Copenhagen
If the RO:KOST Food Festival made you hungry for more amazing restaurant experiences then head to Aarhus for a next level food journey.
During the week you can enjoy some of Aarhus’ finest restaurants, again at a special price. This time the venues are offering their very own three course festival menu for 250 kr per person.
You Must: Ponder the long list of restaurants on their website.. 

Bogense Onion Festival

Put in the calendar: 20th October
By Car: 2hrs and 50mins
From Copenhagen
Yes, a festival dedicated to onions…
For some that will sound amazing, for others, well, not so much. But in addition to the massive array of onions, there will also be plenty of other delicious food offerings. Along with local fruit and vegetables to purchase and activities for the kids.
Perfect For: A day out with the family..