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Winter in Amsterdam. The agenda.

Let’s start with a coffee…

Pazzanistraat 39, Amsterdam

Since winning the Best Independent Coffee Bar a few years back they can be very busy during the weekends. But we assure you it is worth the wait… and the cake…

Be entertained….

Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam

The best time of year to go to a Museum is definitely winter. Escape the cold, whilst enjoying the warmth and variety of the Rijksmuseum. If you are in the area.. Don’t miss “Jewellery: Designs in Print and Drawing” running from July 31 2017 to November 29 2017.

This incredible exhibition showcases the detailed drawings, paintings and prints of jewellery from the 1530-1600 period. Jewellery from this period is inspired by figures of classical mythology and scenes from the bible. Think lots of gold, precious stones and pearls.

You really won’t see anything like this anywhere else.

Get cosy…

Huidenstraat 12, 1016 ES Amsterdam

This tiny chocolaterie will give you one big warm chocolate hug. They stock a large array of delicate hand crafted chocolates, along with croissants and cookies. Pull up a chair in the tea room and warm up your insides.

slide, skate, fall, repeat…

Thanks to the loop after loop of canals in Amsterdam, along with the lakes and ice rinks, there is so much skating fun to be had. And it’s a great way to get your body moving.

We know getting your hands on a pair of hire skates can be tough, maybe it is time to invest in some? Try here or here.

Add in some more fun? Try “Disco Skating” on Saturday evenings in Winter. Head to Jaap Eden Ijsbaan, Radioweg 64, 1098 NJ Amsterdam.


Amsterdam Light Festival
Diverse localities, 1016 HX Amsterdam

Have you been to the light festival before? Running from 14 December 2017 until 7 January 2018 this festival is as beautiful as it is playful. Pop on your winter warmers and stroll the streets – this is something everyone really can enjoy.

We believe you cannot truly say you have seen Amsterdam at night until you have seen this show. Don’t miss this open neon art exhibition.